Road bike hire

Road bike

A road bike (race bike) is a type of bike designed for cycling at high speed on paved roads.

The price for hiring a road bike depends on its brand, quality and additional services (e.g. helmet included).

Road bike hire guide

Why hire a road bike?

A road bike (or race bike) is a type of bike designed for cycling at high speed on paved roads. Because buying a road bike can be quite expensive, hiring a road bike in the beginning can be a good option to try it out a few times. Or if you want to cycle with in a certain region and cannot bring your own race bike, hiring one is the perfect solution. When hiring a road bike, make sure to bring a helmet, cycling shoes and cycling clothes, or check with your hire shop whether they have these available for hire as well. If you bring your own shoes, make sure to let the bike shop know in advance which type of pedals you need. When you plan to cycle off-road, hiring a mountain bike might be a better option.

What is a compact road bike?

A "compact road bike" is used in two different contexts, one referring to the type of frame and one referring to the gearing.

  • When referring to the frame type, a compact road bike means a bike with a sloped top tube (higher at the front) rather than level. This type of frame was pioneered by Giant in the late 90s and has several advantages, such as being lighter and more versatile in terms of fit (3-4 sizes can fit almost all customers).
  • When referring to the gearing, a compact chainset means a chainset with two front rings of which the small ring is smaller (lower number of teeth) compared to a normal double chainset. This allows a lower gear which can be useful when you hire a bike in a hilly region of when climbing a mountain.

How to change a road bike tyre?

When you hire a road bike, it can be interesting to know how to change a tyre, as you might always get a puncture while you are out riding. The video below explains the process in detail.

What size road bike do I need to hire?

When hiring a road bike, an important question to answer is which size you need. If you have a road bike at home, it can be interesting to note down your size and your measurements when going to the hire shop. Otherwise, refer to the table below and discuss with the hire shop owner which size would be best for you.

Rider height (feet and inches) Rider height (centimetres) Frame size
4’10” - 5’ 147 - 152 47-48
5’ - 5’3” 152 - 160 49-50
5’3” - 5’6” 160 - 168 51-53
5’6” - 5’9” 168 - 175 54-55
5’9” - 6’ 175 - 183 56-58
6’ - 6’3” 183 - 191 58-60
6’3” - 6’6” 191 - 198 61-63

Well-known road bike brands