Scaffold tower hire

Scaffold Tower

A scaffold tower (or alloy tower) can be used for safely and comfortably accessing higher areas around a building, e.g. for maintenance or construction work. Wheels underneath allow easy relocation. A scaffold tower is a cheaper and quicker alternative to a full scaffold system.

The price for hiring a scaffold tower depends on its dimensions and typically has a minimum of one week.

Scaffold tower hire guide

Why hire a scaffold tower?

A scaffold tower (also referred to as alloy tower) is used for safe and comfortable access to higher areas of a building, e.g. for construction projects or decorating jobs. It is a tower assembled with scaffolding, with wheels underneath for easy relocation. A scaffold tower provides a cheaper alternative to hiring a full scaffold system, and can be erected quicker compared to a full system. Another alternative is hiring a scissor lift.

How to put up a scaffold tower?

When hiring a scaffold tower, the assembly has to be done by the person hiring it, which should be possible for a person without experience and it does not require any special tools. It can take an unexperienced person up to 60 minutes to assemble an alloy tower. Make sure to strictly follow the provided user manual and check out HSE's safety guidelines.

The following video can help for assembling a scaffold tower:

What is the minimum hiring period for an alloy tower?

Hiring a scaffold tower is typically only possible for at least 1 week. You can of course hire it for a shorter period but you will pay for a minimum of one week.

Which scaffold tower should I hire?

The difference between the different scaffolding towers available for hire is mostly in their dimensions along the following three:

  • Width: Dimension perpendicular to the wall of the building where you place the tower. Can be narrow / single width (between 0.75 and 0.95 meter) or full / double width (between 1.35 and 1.5 meter). Choose full width if you need more space for workers and / or tools
  • Length: Dimension parallel to the wall of the building where you place the tower. Can be standard length (1.8-2.0 meter) or longer length (2.5-2.6 meter). Together with the width, determines the size of the platform where you will work from
  • Height: Can be expressed in three different ways: platform height, tower height (height of the top handrail, 1m above the platform height) or working height (1m above the tower height, 2m above the platform height)

How high can a scaffold tower go?

The maximum platform height of scaffolding towers available for hire is around 12 meters. This corresponds with 13m tower height and 14m working height.

What should I hire together with a scaffold tower?

In theory, you do not need to hire anything else when hiring a scaffold tower, except the appropriate safety equipment. However, it can be helpful to hire a pulley or hoist system to transport tools and equipment up the tower.

What is the recommended safety equipment when hiring an alloy tower?

When using a scaffold tower it is recommended to wear the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE). Recommended safety equipment for a scaffold tower consists of the following: safety helmet, protective footwear and protective gloves.

Image source: HSS Hire