Post hole borer hire

Post hole borer

A post hole borer (post hole digger or earth auger) is a piece of landscaping equipment used to efficiently dig holes. Typical uses are placing poles for a fence, planting trees, placing signposts or taking soil samples.

The price for hiring a post hole borer depends on its diameter, maximum depth and control (1 or 2 people).

Post hole borer hire guide

What is a post hole borer?

A post hole borer - sometimes also referred to as post hole digger or earth auger - is used to make holes, typically for posts when placing fences, but also for planting trees, placing signposts or taking soil samples. A post hole digger typically consists of a head and the auger itself.

Can I make holes without hiring a post hole borer?

If you only need to make a few holes, you can make the holes manually with a spade, however they might be less uniform compared to what you can achieve with a post hole borer. If you need to make multiple holes, it is recommended to hire a post hole borer as this will significantly speed up the process and save a lot of efforts.

Which type of post hole borer should I hire?

One key factor to take into account when deciding which post hole borer to hire is the size of the holes you want to dig, both in terms of diameter and depth. The diameter and maximum depth are the key characteristics of a post hole borer. Also take into account that some of the larger post hole borers require two people to use them, hence you might need to find a friend or family member to help when you hire such a post hole borer.

Some mini diggers can be equipped with an earth auger, and as such be used as post hole borer.

There are also 2 types of manual post hole borers available for hire: hand post hole borers and hand post rammers. These are only adequate for smaller and less deep holes.

How to use a post hole borer?

  • To avoid problems on the long term, ask expert advice on how deep you need to dig, and whether or not you need a building permit for the works you are planning
  • Before hiring a post hole borer, lay out where the holes will come so you can optimise the time you hire it. Because it is very difficult to move a hole once started, make sure to precisely indicate the center of the hole
  • Before starting the post hole digger engine, make sure to brace yourself and use your body weight to counteract the torque of the auger; consider hiring a post hole borer with vibration-reducing handles if your back, legs and arms are not that strong
  • Do not drill too deep without clearing out the soil, as otherwise it will become too heavy to lift out the post hole borer
  • After drilling holes, make sure to cover them with something so nobody falls in them or the rain does not ruin them

Watch the video below for more details on how to use a post hole borer:

What are the safety requirements for using a post hole borer?

Ensure you have the right safety equipment:

  • Eye protection
  • Hearing protection
  • Gloves
  • Safety shoes

Additionally, make sure you are aware of where the underground lines (e.g. television) are located and mark them clearly, so you don't damage those. For improved safety, hire a post hole digger which includes a quick stop drill brake, which brings the earth auger to a halt as soon as it hits something in the ground (e.g. rocks or roots). Turn off the earth auger every moment you are not using it, for example when moving between two holes.

Well-known post hole borer brands

Image source: Brandon Hire Station