Electric bike hire

Electric Bike

An electric bike is a bike with a battery which provides power.

The price to hire an electric bike depends on the size of its battery, motor, brand and quality of the groupset.

Electric bike hire guide

What is an electric bike?

An electric bike (e-bike) looks like a normal bike, however it has a built-in electric motor that will help you pedalling. This means reduced effort is required compared to a normal bike, having benefits for using an electric bike to go to work (not being sweaty when you arrive) and for leisure (possibility to do longer and/or more challenging routes).

Foldable electric bike
Foldable e-bike

Electric mountainbike
Electric mountain bike

Which types of electric bikes can I hire?

You can hire several different types of electric bikes. Choose the one that suits you most based on the use you have in mind, your riding position, your need for suspension, the desired saddle type, etc.:

  • An electric city bike, perfect for daily use going to work or school, or going shopping
  • An electric hybrid bikes, suitable for riding on the roads and for light off-road use
  • An electric mountain bike, ideal for cycling offroad due to its wide tyres and its suspension
  • An electric road bike, perfect for sportive cyclists that sometimes need a bit of help
  • A foldable electric bike, mostly used for commuting
  • An electric tandem, allowing for two people to cycle together

What should I pay attention to when hiring an electric bike?

First of all, when you want to hire an electric bike in a busy period (summer, bank holidays, ...) make sure to book your electric bikes long enough in advance. Next, determine the type of electric bike (hybrid, mountainbike, ...) you want to hire, depending on the terrain you want to cycle. Ensure the battery lasts long enough (potentially hire an additional battery or a battery charger) and the motor is powerful enough. Finally, make sure you hire as well the right accessories (lock, children carriage, ...). Note that sometimes you will need to pay a deposit when hiring the bike.

How fast can an electric bike go?

Electric bikes typically have a speed limit above which they do not assist with pedalling anymore. This is regulated in a lot of countries, for example in the UK the maximum speed until which the motor will assist in pedalling is 15.5 mph (25 km/h). Of course, it is possible to go faster than this maximum speed when not using the motor but using human power.

How long does an electric bike battery last?

The distance you can travel with an electric bike depends first of all on the battery capacity (expressed in ampere hour (Ah)), how much you pedal yourself and also on the type of route you cycle, when there are a lot of hills the battery life will reduce faster. Also take into account that the battery capacity gradually diminishes as they undergo charge cycles, until they no longer function at all.

Well-known electric bike brands

Gtech, Giant, CUBE, Raleigh, VOLT, E Life, Carrera, Coyote, Brompton, KTM