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Floor Sander

A floor sander is a machine used to remove the top layer of a floor through sanding (e.g. after removing a carpet). Two main types exist, a floor sander for the main area of your floor and an edging sander for the areas near the walls. These two can often be hired together in a pack.

The price for hiring a floor sander depends on the drum width or disc diameter and the weight of the machine.

Floor sander hire guide

Why hire a floor sander?

A floor sander removes the top surface of a floor through sanding, often done after removing previous coverings such as a carpet to improve your wooden floor appearance. The machine consists of a moving belt with sheets of sanding paper. Through the weight of the machine, these sheets are pressed against the floor and achieve the desired result. When hiring a floor sander, make sure the hire shop gives you the information you need (how to use it, do maintenance and clean it).

Which types of floor sanders are available for hire?

There are two main types of floor sanders available for hire, the normal floor sander and the edging sander. Edging sanders can help you sand up to the edge of the floor, stair treads and confined areas. The main characteristics of these two types of floor sanders are:

  • Floor sander: Drum width (typically 200mm)
  • Edging sader: Disc diameter (typically 180mm)

What should I take into account when hiring a floor sander?

Take into account that you need sanding sheets, sanding discs and dust bags when using a floor sander and floor edging sander. You can buy these at the hire company where you hire a floor sander. This could come on top of the quoted price for hiring a floor sander. The grade of the sanding sheets you use should be in line with the type of your floor.

What is a floor and edging sander kit / pack?

Most hire companies offer a discount when hiring both a floor sander and a floor edging sander. The combination of both is typically listed as a 'floor and edging sander kit' or 'floor and edging sander pack'.

How to use a floor sander?

  • Preparation: Empty the room completely, remove old floor coverings and their staples or fasteners, nail down raised nails, vacuum & clean the room, and to cope with dust you can tape around internal doors to prevent dust getting into the rest of your house and open windows (or hire a dustless floor sander). Get the right safety equipment (goggles, dust mask, ear protection and gloves)
  • Sanding: Select the right grade of sanding sheet and start sanding along the direction of the floor boards, moving the floor sanding machine at all times when in contact with the floor. Finish the edges with a floor edging sander
  • Finishing: After finishing your work with a grade of sanding sheets, vacuum your floor

What is the recommended safety equipment when hiring a floor sander?

When using a floor sander it is recommended to wear the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE). Recommended safety equipment for a floor sander consists of the following: protection goggles, dust mask, ear protection and hand protection.

Well-known floor sander brands

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