Dehumidifier hire


A dehumidifier reduces or maintains the humidity inside a space by circulating large volumes of dry air into the space. They are used across a wide variety of applications such as flooded buildings, water leaks and drying of plasterwork or concrete.

The price for hiring a dehumidifier depends on its water removal rate and air inflow rate.

Dehumidifier hire guide

Why hire a dehumidifier?

A dehumidifier produces large volumes of dry air in order to reduce or maintain the humidity of the air inside a room or building. They are used in households (e.g. a flooded building or water leak), for commercial use (e.g. plasterers or decorators) or other applications (e.g. indoor swimming pools). Because dehumidifiers accelerate the drying process of plasterwork and concrete, they reduce chanced of cracking / distortion and allow concrete to settle at the right humidity level.

How does a dehumidifier work?

The goal of a dehumidifier is to remove moisture from the air. A condensate dehumidifier achieves this by circulating large volumes of warm, dry air around the room. This air collects moisture and when it returns to the dehumidifier, the moisture is condensed by a refrigerator. After this, the cold dry air is warmed again and circulated back into the room.

Which dehumidifier to choose?

There are a range of different dehumidifiers available for hire, ranging from small ones for drying small rooms to large ones for drying after a flooding. When choosing which one to hire, take into account the size of the space that needs to be dried, and the dampness level of the space. The key characteristics that determine the power of a dehumidifier are its air flow rate and its water removal rate:

  • Air flow rate: Amount of dry air flowing into the space, expressed in m3 / hour
  • Water removal rate (or capacity): Amount of water extracted from the air, expressed in liters / 24 hours

If you want to use the dehumidifier on a continuous basis, you should consider hiring one with a pump and a hose which allows to dispose of the condensed water in a sink or drain and removes the need to empty water containers. If you are still not sure which dehumidifier you need, contact a hire company from the list above. They can help you pick the right one.

Well-known dehumidifier brands

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