Cement mixer hire

Cement mixer

A cement mixer (or concrete mixer) is used to mix together aggregates (e.g. gravel, sand), cement and water into concrete. Mixing is achieved by a rotating drum.

The price for hiring a cement mixer depends on its capacity.

Cement mixer hire guide

Why hire a cement mixer? What is a cement mixer?

A cement mixer (also called a concrete mixer) is a machine, typically consisting of a rotating drum, which is used to mix together aggregates (e.g. gravel, sand), cement and water into concrete. At construction sites, portable cement mixers are often present for mixing smaller volumes. Most portable cement mixers are powered by electric motors, but also petrol powered cement mixers exist. For larger volumes of concrete, it is advisable to use a large truck-mounted cement mixer.

How to use a concrete mixer? How to mix in a cement mixer?

The process for mixing cement consists of several steps:

  • Start the cement mixer
  • Add part of the water and half of the aggregates (sand, gravel)
  • Add all the cement
  • Add the rest of the aggregates
  • Add water until required plasticity is reached
  • Mix for a few minutes

Make sure to wear appropriate safety equipment when using a cement mixer.

For more information, check the video below:

How to clean a cement mixer?

Be aware that when hiring a cement mixer, it typically has to be cleaned before returning. For cleaning the outside, regularly clear the stand and swivel base of cement splashes and concrete build up. For the inside of the drum, once the concrete mixer is finished, don't leave any concrete you don't use inside the cement mixer because the concrete will harden and make it harder to clean. Rinse the cement mixer with water and remove the concrete with a stiff brush. If there is still concrete, you can add some gravel and water in the cement mixer and let it run for a bit (up to 20 minutes). If this is not enough, you can use a hammer & chisel or use chemicals, however these chemicals require special safety procedures.

What size cement mixer do I need to hire?

Sizes of concrete mixers available for hire vary from 90 liter to +300 liter of tank volume. When choosing which size to hire, the most important factor will be amount of concrete you will need for your project.

What is the recommended safety equipment when hiring a concrete mixer?

When using a cement mixer it is recommended to wear the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE). Recommended safety equipment for a cement mixer consists of the following: eye protection, dust mask, ear protection and protective gloves.

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