Increase conversion by collecting reviews

oHire offers you an all-in-one solution to collect real customer feedback, increase trust towards potential customers using social proof and improve your SEO performance and rankings in Google.

Not convinced you need to be on top of your reviews? 94% of all B2B buyers (Salesforce, 2016) do their own online research in the buying process, mostly before they are in contact with any companies. A key part of online research is reading reviews: 68% of customers (Statista, 2015) trust online reviews.

Our Social Proof Solution at a glance

Collect real customer feedback

Invite your customers to review your hire services. Actively inviting customers to review your company is important, because unprompted reviews on other sites will be mostly about a bad experience. We can help you with importing existing reviews.

oHire checks your reviews and in case of a bad review, we mediate between you and the customer.

Social proof trust widget

Leverage social proof to increase trust from potential customers by embedding a widget showcasing your rating and reviews on your website. Online reviews are key for customer conversion, and are trusted almost as much as word-of-mouth recommendation.

Embedding a widget is very simple and only requires pasting 3 lines of code.

Using a 3rd party widget is important, because reviews which are collected and moderated by an external party have much more credibility towards your customers.

Rich Snippets

Use Rich Snippets (the yellow stars in Google results) to improve your visibility in Google and get higher click-through-rates to your website. Getting them right is one of the key factors to improve your SEO, and we can help you with this.

SEO optimized company page

All your reviews will be displayed on your SEO optimized company page. This improves your Google authority, leads to enhanced trust and increases traffic to your website.

Example company page

You are in control

Manage your company reviews through an easy-to-use admin panel. Select which reviews are most powerful and should be shown on your website.


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Example Social Proof widgets

Below you can find the social proof widgets we offer. They are customizable to your website, and we will help you with this!
Not matching your needs? Let us know what you need exactly and we can find a solution together.

Mini widget

Regular widget

Carousel widget showcasing reviews