Web Development Intern

About oHire

oHire is a young startup developing a platform which connects individuals and businesses that want to hire something (anything) with rental companies across UK. Our mission is to make the way people hire equipment fundamentally faster, easier and cheaper! Since we are a young startup, we value an entrepreneurial spirit, where employees have lots of responsibilities and can be creative, taking the lead on their own pieces of work.

Your role

As a web development intern, your role will be the following:

  • Make suggestions for and develop features for our platform, both front-end and back-end (for example a chat bot helping our visitors with their questions)
  • Make suggestions for and improve the existing infrastructure and code (for example making sure we are leveraging Amazon Web Services to the fullest)
  • Automate internal processes leveraging data analytics tools (for example an algorithm to prioritise sales efforts based on past results)

We are looking for an intern that can join us either for a consecutive period of several weeks, or on an ongoing basis for 1-2 days in the week.

Your profile

We are looking for people with the following background and skills:

  • You like learning and you are not afraid of new challenges
  • You have an understanding of the key web technologies (HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python) and can put these in practice
  • You are (preferably) currently pursuing a Bachelor or Master in Computer Science (or a related field of study)
  • You have hired a piece of equipment or tool before (bonus)

Your rewards

  • The opportunity to gather work experience and build out your web development skills
  • The opportunity to work at the Start It @ KBC incubator, Belgium’s largest startup incubator program
  • The opportunity to grow your skillset beyond only web development through extensive exposure to the business side of a startup

Apply now

To apply, reach out to our founder Tomas Mertens at with your CV and some more information about your motivation to apply for this internship.